Water Dispenser HM-168 Series

Name Counter Top Hot Cool Cold Water Dispenser Counter Top Hot Cool water dispenser
Model No. HM-168A HM-168B
Dimension W41 x D42 x H67 cm
Material All cases and water tanks adopt stainless steel material
Voltage AC 110V/ 220V  50/ 60Hz
Capacity Hot Tank 6L Cold 4L Hot Tank 6L Storage 4L
Duty Hot 750W Cold 210W Hot 750W
Filtration Single or 2-stage filtration, 5-stage filtration
The thermal materials answer to UL Fireproof Regulation Standard.
Re-boiled function.
LED display shows the hot water temperature.
Adopt R-134a green Freon.
 Use for: Office, Hospital, Kitchen, Living room…